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For everything you need to know about natural medicines and therapies for pets (and we even treat people too!).

Holistic and homeopathic vet in Herts

The NMC was set up in Potters Bar twenty years ago to specialise in natural treatments for pets.  Its director, Richard Allport BVet Med. Vet MFHom MRCVS, has thirty years’ experience in treatment with homeopathy, acupuncture and herbal medicines for pets.


Holistic and homeopathic vet in London

Richard also sees patients in West London on Wednesdays each week at the Bayswater Referral Centre.


Treatment for dogs, cats and rabbits

Does your dog suffer from eczema, colitis, arthritis or epilepsy? Is your cat affected by asthma, cystitis or viral disease? Has your rabbit got dermatitis or chronic snuffles? These are just a few of the conditions that often respond well to natural medicines.  

For information on how natural therapies can help your pet, for details on consultations at the centre or by ‘phone, to find information about natural medicines online, or to contact us for advice, click on the relevant section. For a history of the centre and more information about Richard Allport read more below or browse our site to find out more about homeopathy and other holistic therapies for pets.



The Natural Medicine Centre was opened in July 1996 in Potters Bar, Hertfordshire, UK and was one of the first veterinary centres to specialise in natural therapies for pets.  The director, Richard Allport, qualified as a veterinary surgeon from the Royal Veterinary College, London, UK in 1973.  After ten years as a veterinary surgeon in general practice, he began to take a special interest in holistic medicines.  In July 1996 he opened the NMC as a referral centre for pets, offering treatments with acupuncture, homoeopathy, flower essence and herbal medicine for pets.  Richard has been joined by other therapists so that the centre now offers osteopathy, nutritional advice and healing for pets.

The NMC now also offers natural treatments for people. Healing only is available at present but watch this space for therapsts in other disciplines coming soon.

Richard also visits a referral centre in Bayswater, London, UK once a week; and consultations are also available by telephone for those unable to travel to Potters Bar or Bayswater, if there is no other holistic vet within reasonable travelling distance.

Richard is a past president of the British Association of Homoeopathic Veterinary Surgeons, and holds the qualification of Veterinary Member of the Faculty of Homoeopathy (VetMFHom).  He is a member of the Association of British Veterinary Acupuncturists.  Richard has written several books on natural medicines for pets, writes a regular column in Dogs Today magazine, and has appeared regularly on radio and TV programmes.

Advice about your pet's health

You can consult Richard Allport at Potters Bar or Bayswater, or by telephone if you have no qualified holistic veterinary surgeon available within reasonable travelling distance. For ethical reasons, your own veterinary practice will need to provide a copy of the medical records of your pet to Richard and agree to him treating your pet.

This agreement and the records may be posted, faxed, or e mailed.

We will also need you to complete a patient record form - a questionnaire about your pet – this can be e mailed to you or you can download the form HERE. Richard can then give advice on natural remedies and supplements which are likely to help with the problems from which your pet is suffering.

All necessary natural medicines will be supplied by the Natural Medicine Centre.  Meeting the patient in person is always preferable to a consultation by ‘phone, however, many patients have been successfully helped by such ‘long distance’ advice.  For consultation fees see details in ‘Consultations for pets’