Consultations For People


 Helen Hilliard

Alternate Tuesdays 10.00-4.00

What for: Any illness or problem including back pain, depression and often 'incurable' diseases such as cancer. Even if a cure is not achieved, you will almost always feel better after healing sessions, with a reduction in any pain or discomfort.

Price/Length: Each consultation £25.00 - 15mins approx

Frequency: Depends on nature of the condition, however once weekly for several weeks is the norm

Craniosacral therapy

Joan Colling

Wednesdays, Fridays, Saturdays 10.00-7.00, Sundays 10.00-4.00, by appointment. (Book appointment with Joan directly on 07704857538)

What for: Craniosacral therapy is most commonly sought by individuals with acute or chronic conditions, though successful treatment has been reported for a huge range of additional problems. Post treatment, some patients also report feeling a greater sense of relaxation in their everyday lives as well as an improved sense of overall well-being.

Price/Length: Each session £45 (children £35) - 45 - 60 mins (30 mins children)

Frequency: Usually weekly for 3 - 4 sessions, ongoing need for sessions then assessed.