Consultation for Pets

Consultations at Potters Bar and Bayswater with Richard Allport

Consultations times: Mon, Tues 9.30-6.00 & Thurs 9.30-2.30 at Potters Bar
                              Wed 11.15-3.15 at Bayswater

Fees: Initial consultation ............. £240.00
         Subsequent consultations ….. £120.00
For most therapies, the follow up consultation is between a month and six weeks after the first appointment. However patients that are having acupuncture will require several sessions at shorter intervals at the beginning of treatment – usually weekly for four weeks. Most patients can then move on to sessions at monthly intervals, or longer. A reduced rate of £80.00 per session is charged for patients having acupuncture only.

Consultations by telephone

You can consult Richard by phone about your pet’s problems, if you have no qualified holistic veterinary surgeon available within reasonable travelling distance of your home, following a referral from your veterinary practice. Prior to the phone consultation we will ask you to complete a patient record form - a questionnaire about your pet – which can be posted or e mailed to you.

Fees: Initial consultation …........... £180.00
         Subsequent consultations ….. £60.00

After your consultation

Following the initial consultation at Potters Bar, Bayswater or by telephone, we aim to provide the best service possible for you and your pet. Your next appointment will be arranged at the time of your first consultation.
If any problems or concerns arise at any time during treatment, do contact us for further advice and help. If the receptionist on duty cannot answer your query at the time, she will take the details and call you back as soon as possible.Following a query about treatment between consultations, Richard will normally send a reply via the reception desk. Should you need to consult with Richard by phone ask reception to arrange a telephone consultation – Richard will call you at a prebooked time during consulting hours. You can also e mail for advice, but it will take longer to receive a reply.

Fees for these services:

Advice given within a month of last consultation via reception or by e mail: No charge

Advice given at other times via reception or by e mail: £30.00

Telephone consultation: £60.00

Consultations with our associates

Osteopathy with Barbara Sherringham

The therapeutic effects of manipulation are well known for human back and joint conditions, but are equally effective for pets. Back problems are surprisingly common in pets, often leading to weakness in the hind legs. Back and joint problems may occur as a result of accidents and injuries, congenital defects, arthritis, and for many other reasons.
Many joint conditions that are unresponsive to conventional treatment will respond to osteopathy. Relief from pain, increased mobility, and decreased stiffness, are all effects to be expected from osteopathy, which can help not just spinal problems, but most forms of joint and muscle disease.

Barbara Sherringham, BSc (Hons) Ost Med, DO, MRO, ND, is an experienced osteopath with a special interest in the treatment of animals.

Consultations available at Potters Bar only

Consultations times:   Thursday afternoons (other times are sometimes available)

Fees:    Initial consultation …............. £55.00
            Subsequent consultations ….. £45.00 

Some patients may need one treatment only, but most longstanding conditions will need a series of sessions


Healing with Helen Hilliard

In a sense, healing, (often known as Spiritual Healing or Faith Healing), is the purest form of treatment for illness. It involves no pills, no needles and no equipment. The laying on of hands to heal disease is of ancient origin, and in all societies and cultures people with healing powers are acknowledged.
Most reputable healers abide by the code of the National Federation of Spiritual Healers, which was drawn up in conjunction with the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons. It ensures that healing is carried out in a professional and ethical manner.
Healing can help any illness or problem from which our pets suffer, and can often help in ‘incurable’ diseases such as cancer. Even if a cure is not achieved, animals will almost always seem to feel better after healing sessions, with a reduction in any pain or discomfort.
Helen Hilliard was a friend and colleague of our previous healer, Charles Siddle, who passed over in December 2000. Helen now continues his work.

Consultations available at Potters Bar only

Consultations times:   Alternate Tuesdays 10.00-4.00
Fees:    Each consultation ….. £25.00

Some patients may need one treatment only, but most longstanding conditions will need a series of session

Specialist dietary advice with Kristina Johansen (dogs only)

‘You are what you eat’ is a philosophy that applies as much to dogs as it does to humans. As more and more dogs are developing health problems which can often be directly related to poor nutrition, it is becoming increasingly necessary to be able to analyse diets and improve the nutritive content.
Kristina Johansen graduated with distinction in Advanced Canine Nutrition from the Companion of Animal Science Institute in Canada. The course is a three year study in animal nutrition, anatomy, physiology and disease. Additionally she has completed electives in canine cancer, cardiovascular disease, orthopaedic disorders and kidney, endocrine, gastrointestinal and metabolic conditions.
Via her website Kristina offers a number of dietary services – analysis and review of your dog’s current diet and medical history, formulation of a personalised diet plan for healthy dogs or those with medical conditions, customised home prepared raw and cooked diets and general advice on diet and nutritional supplements.

Charges vary depending on service provided, please see Kristina’s website for full information – and do let Kristina know that you came there on our recommendation.


Animal Herbal Choices with Rita Lymboura, BSc(Hons), MHAO

Animal Herbal Choices (applied zoopharmacognosy) is a behavioural-led method of allowing animals to self-select plant extracts for their wellbeing. In the wild animals naturally forage for local plants, minerals and other medicinal compounds to self-medicate, either to prevent or treat disease.  This process is called zoopharmacognosy.  A herbal choice session utilizes this process by offering a range of plant extracts to the animal to self-select what it needs. Extracts include dried herbs, floral waters, plant oils and herbal powders. The client animal may choose to sniff, inhale, ingest or apply topically by rubbing against the extract. Case studies of herbal choice sessions have shown it can help a variety of issues, both physical and emotional, such as poor skin/coat, digestion problems, infections, chronic pain, and emotional fears / anxieties. 

Each session is unique to the individual animal's requirements and responses to the herbal products. At the end of the session, samples of the extracts the animal self-selected are provided to continue offering at home. A consultation includes guidance on this method, how to recognise the behavioural signs of self-selection, and the properties of the plants chosen by the animal, as well as a post-session summary report. Suitable for dogs and cats.

For more information, see Rita's website:

Rates:  Fee includes pre-session preparation, herbal extracts used in the session, samples of herbal extracts selected  by your pet for you to continue to offer, a session report, and continued support via phone or email.

Dogs:    Initial Consultation, approx 2 hours.........£75      Follow up session, 1.5 to 2 hours............ £65                         

Cats:     Initial Consultation, 1.5 to 2 hours.......... £60      Follow up session, up to 1.5 hours.......... £50

Timings are approximate, as some animals (in particular cats) may choose not to engage or end the session early. If that occurs, a fee of £40 per hour will be charged pro rata.

Home visits are also available at no extra charge within a 10 mile radius of the Centre. For locations over 10 miles away, a small travel fee will be added of 40p per return mile.